My body, metal jeweled butt plug and black nylon stockings

Just a pair of nylon stockings on my body is sexy enough! What about just add a metal jeweled butt plug? Ok get ready and watch me play…

Video length: 20 minutes

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Author: alinawang

Hi~~ I’m Alina. I am a natural tv/cd/ts living in England. I have been “trans-living” since child age. Yes! It has been a very very long time :). And now, here you go, I am the beautiful mature and confident woman standing in front of you. I have a huge passion in wearing pantyhose as they are so smooth on my legs! Dressing up sexy and elegant is what I strive to do. Sexy sometimes slutty lingries are always the treat to myself, and surprise for those who has intimate relationship with me. I have a huge collection of sexy heels and flat shoes. I love them and I can’t stop collecting more of them! I also love doing makeup and I spend hours to make sure I look immaculate. As those who followed My Flickr knows, I love sharing sexy and hot videos and pictures with you: my lovely friends, fans, followers and admirers! Been constantly asked if I have a place to list all I have created, I decided to set up a website, and finally we are here!

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  1. When I see you dressed you look so hot that it give me the the confidence to want to dress up. I love how you wear your dresses short. One in particular August 2016 the black mesh mini dress with the black pantyhose and with the gorgeous flats. I would love to duplicate that look and be a SLUT. To do what SLUTS do.

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