Air stewardesses Alina and April

Man in hotel corridor recognizes the sexy airline flight attendees (Alina and April) he was in lust over during the flight.  They have gorgeous uniforms, short tight skirts that he loved admiring their shiny sheer pantyhose when they were putting things in the overhead bin and assisting flyers. Man stopped the two young ladies and start talking to them.

Alina notes that she saw him admiring her legs.  He admits it and says how sexy she is… she hints that they are going into a hotel room to relax their pantyhose legs after long flight, and leads him to their room…

Video length: 33 minutes

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My shoe slave

This is a POV video from my shoe slave. If you also have feet and shoe fetish, you must love watching this video :)! Shiny boots, high heel mules, fishnets, stockings, foot&shoe- job, blowjob… you will find everything you dream about. Now, watch how Alina fulfil your desire…

Video length: 26 minutes (2 parts)

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Come to my room and worship my shoes

Shoe fetish? Love pantyhose and feet? Then you definitely don’t want to miss this video! Come with me to my room, and worship my legs and feet! Lick my high heels and clean my shoes with your tongue! Feel your hard and swollen cock against my feet, pantyhose and shoes! Fuck my mouth! Cum on my shoes, and watch me cum together!

Video length: 30 minutes

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Sexy Shemale Alina gets fucked in her French lesson

François is my personal French teacher. He is young and handsome. He looks particularly smart in today’s lesson wearing black suit and white shirt. So I decided to tease him with exchanging sexual encounters for free French lessons. The sexual tension built up as the lesson went on. The sexual contacts started form him requesting me to do some “oral” exercise with his cock to improve pronunciation… I ended up with him in the bed and ass riding his long rock hard cock…

From soft teasing in sexy nylon, high heels and lingerie, to hardcore anal sex, you will find everything you wanted from me in this video! So, sit back…relax… and enjoy this movie now…

Preview here:

Video length: 27 minutes (3 parts)

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Pantyhose therapy with Alina

Can’t stop staring at women’s pantyhose legs on the street, at work? Even becoming a problem so you can’t concentrate at what you should do and accomplish? Come to me, the pantyhose therapist, and let me diagnose your problem and give you a therapy.

In the sessions with me, you will have a chance to put all your imaginary desire with women’s pantyhose and heels into action! With two outfits selection of your choice, no matter your fantasy is on an office secretary, a cabin crew, a nurse, or just a usual girl on the street, you can realise your dream and do what you always wanted to do with me in pantyhose and heels.

Now watch my video how a satisfied customer was treated. Enjoy the video, and if you got similar problem, contact me!

Video length: 13 minutes (part 1), 13 minutes (part 2)

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