Air stewardesses Alina and April

Man in hotel corridor recognizes the sexy airline flight attendees (Alina and April) he was in lust over during the flight.  They have gorgeous uniforms, short tight skirts that he loved admiring their shiny sheer pantyhose when they were putting things in the overhead bin and assisting flyers. Man stopped the two young ladies and start talking to them.

Alina notes that she saw him admiring her legs.  He admits it and says how sexy she is… she hints that they are going into a hotel room to relax their pantyhose legs after long flight, and leads him to their room…

Video length: 33 minutes

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Real fan experience

Alina runs a small company that produces adult entertainment materials. James is an admirer of Alina and her work. James wants to work with Alina and he thinks he has a great idea to shoot a POV…

Video length: 46 mins (5 parts)

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