Bus stop encounter

No one of, this is my best solo video so far! Don’t miss it! You won’t get any closer and clearer view of my body, my skin and my pantyhose in other videos! Ok, let me tell the story now…

Late afternoon at bus stop, I met a man who then took me around the area and eventually to his hotel room. I was wearing silky and sheer natural colour pantyhose under my leopard ankle long dress, paired with pointed toe red high heels. I think the man had a strong pantyhose fetish. He can peep out through my sheer hose-covered feet that I was wearing a pair of extremely sexy pantyhose, even my legs were largely covered by the ankle long dress.

The man said he has interesting toys for me to play and invited me back to his hotel room. Long dress down, I fully satisfied his desire with my pantyhose by allowing him touching and caressing my pantyhose covered legs, before I started playing with his toys. Butt jewelry, anal beads, vibrating dildo… they drove me gradually to the max. I guess it was a little over his original expectations that from a bus stop girl encounter he ended with a tgirl cum hard on his bed…

The whole movie is around 30 minutes, including the following 4 parts:

Part 1: Bus stop encounter

Part 2: Pantyhose and butt jewelry

Part 3: Anal beads

Part 4: Cum with me

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The biggest and creamiest load

Walking in a park, Ralph asked me to touch myself on a bench. How naughty this is…especially in a fairly busy park! My pantyhose covered crotch area is so silky and smooth, and I couldn’t stop touching myself since I have started. Too horny for outdoor! Needed to go back to the room as I wanted so badly to cum! Now, watch the video, stroke along with me, and build up the biggest and creamiest load together with me!

Video length: 22 minutes (3 parts)

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